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Active charcoal AG-3

CAS №7440-44-0 ГОСТGOST 20464-75
Формула СортGrade AG-3
Синонимы Фасовка25 kg


Active charcoal AG-3 is prepared as granules of coal dust and binder by steaming at a temperature of 850–950 °C.

Due to the developed structure of both micro-and macro pores, active charcoal AG-3 is versatile for the adsorption of various organic compounds from liquids and gases.

Used in absorbers and filters. High mechanical strength allows for the construction of large volumes, thus providing a high service life.

This active charcoal can be subjected to thermal regeneration with restoration of the original properties with minimal loss of mass.


Active charcoal AG-3 is packed in paper bags of 10 kg.

Guaranteed shelf life

3 years from date of manufacture.

Item Norm
The main particle size of 1.5–2.8
Granule strength abrasion, %, not less than 75
The total pore volume of water in cm³/g, not more than 0.8
Dynamic activity of benzene, min, not less than 40
Bulk density, g/dm³, more than 450–480
Appearance cylindrical granules of dark gray or black