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Active charcoal BAU-A

CAS №7440-44-0 ГОСТGOST 6217-74
Формула СортGrade BAU-A
Синонимы Фасовка10 kg


Active coal crushed charcoal BAU-A is a unique activated carbon made from environmentally friendly raw materials (birch), under the influence of water vapor at a temperature of 800 — 950 ° C followed by crushing. An unparalleled product.

Active carbon BAU-A is a porous material, consisting mainly of carbon. It has a highly developed total porosity, a wide range of pores and a significant amount of specific absorption surface area. These characteristics allow the efficient use of BAU-A for the treatment of liquid media from a wide range of impurities (from small, commensurate with the iodine molecules to molecules of fats, oils, petroleum products, organochlorine compounds, etc)


Active carbon BAU-A is packed in paper bags of 10 kg.

Guaranteed shelf life

3 years from date of manufacture.

Item Norm GOST
The grain size of more than 3.6 mm, %, not more than 2.5
The grain size 3.6-1.0 mm, %, not less than 95.5
The grain size of less than 1.0 mm, %, not more than 2.0
The total pore volume of water in cm³/g, not more than 1.6
Ash content, %, not more than 6.0
Moisture content, %, not more than 10.0
Bulk density, g/dm³, more than 240
Appearance grains of black color without mechanical impurities
The adsorption activity of iodine, %, not less than 60