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Aluminium sulphate technical cleaned

CAS №7784-31-8 ГОСТGOST 12966-85
ФормулаAl2(SO4)3•nH2O СортSort 2
СинонимыAluminium sulfate Фасовка950 ton; 30 kg


Aluminium sulphate technical cleaned is used to purify drinking and industrial water as well as in paper, textile, leather and other industries.

Safety requirements

Aluminium sulphate technical cleaned is nonflammable, fire and explosion proof. It is a substance of the third level of danger for the human body.


Aluminium sulfate technical cleaned is packed in special soft disposable containers, as well as in the four-, five-, six-layer paper bags up to 50 kg.

Transportation, storage

Aluminium sulphate technical cleaned is transported packed or in bulk. Aluminium sulfate in bulk gets transported in covered railway carriages as well as in cars. Aluminium sulfate packed into containers and bags is transported by all means of transport except by air.

The product packed in special soft disposable containers should be transported in open condition.

Aluminium sulphate technical cleaned gets stored in bulk or in bags in closed warehouses with a hard floor or in bunkers.

The product packed in special soft disposable containers should be stored in clean open areas with a hard floor and a water drainage system. The areas should be prepared appropriately for working with heavy trucks and other machinery.

Shelf life




Top Grade

First Grade

Second Grade


Homogeneous loose material with a particle size less than 20 mm of white colour.

Non-sticking plates, bricks, pieces of irregular shape, weight of not more than 10 kg, white colour.
Allowed pale shades of gray, blue and pink colours.

Mass fraction of aluminium oxide (Al2O3), %, not less than

16 16 15

Mass fraction of water-insoluble residue, %, not more than

0.3 0.3 0.7

Total iron as per Fe2O3, %, not more than

0.02 0.02 0.30

Mass fraction of free sulfuric acid (H2SO4), %, not more than

Stands the test 0.1

Mass fraction of arsenic as per As2O3, %, not more than

0.001 0.001 0.003