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Barium chloride technical

CAS №10361-37-2 ГОСТGOST 742-78
ФормулаBaCl2•2H2O СортChina; Germany
СинонимыBarium chloride, barium chloride 2-water Фасовка25 kg


Barium chloride technical is designed for the chemical and engineering industries, ferrous metallurgy and other industries.

Safety requirements

Barium chloride technical is non-flammable, fire and explosion-proof and toxic.


Barium chloride technical is usually packed in three-layer paper bags, in three-layer paper bags with film bags inserted or in five-layer laminated bags.

It is allowed to pack the product in special soft disposable containers.

Transportation, storage

Barium chloride technical gets transported by all means of transport (except by air) in covered vehicles.

Barium chloride technical should be stored in a closed warehouse, separate from other goods.

Shelf life

2 years from a manufacturing date.




Premium grade

First grade

Mass fraction of barium chloride (BaCl2•2H2O), %, not less than



Mass fraction of water insoluble residue, %, not more than 0.05 0.12
Mass fraction of sodium, %, not more than 0.2 0.2
Mass fraction of calcium, %, not more than 0.1 0.2

Fe content, %, not more than

0.001 0.003
Mass fraction of sulfides in terms of BaS, %, not more than 0.01 0.10
Class of danger 2
Basic properties and hazards
Basic properties The solid substance (crystallized powder or granules from white to light gray colours). Soluble in water.
Explosion and fire Fire-and explosion-proof. Non flammable.
The risk to humans Highly toxic. Causes inflammatory brain disease, changes in the liver and sclerosis of the spleen. When its dust gets inhaled there is a possibility of pneumonia and bronchial inflammation. When it gets into the digestive system it may potentially cause acute and chronic poisoning. With acute poisoning there is nausea, a burning sensation in the esophagus, cramps, paralysis and visual disturbances.
Individual protection means Insulating protective suit FIR 5 in a kit with an insulating mask IP-4M or a military protective suit L-1 and L-2 in a kit with an industrial gas mask with cartridge GF, gloves made of a dispersion of butyl rubber, special shoes.
At low concentration in the air (with an increase in MPC up to 100 times) — special uniform, autonomus protective individual kit with forced feeding of the purified air into the breathing zone (ROM cartridges), PZ-2, filter respirator «FORT-P», the universal respirator «Snowball-KU -M «.
Necessary steps in case of emergency
General Drive the carriage to a safe place. Isolate the zone of danger in the radius not less than 50m. (Do some adjustments to the distance after a complete check of the level of pollution.) Any outsiders should be asked to leave the zone of danger. When entering the zone of danger the people must wear protective clothing and equipment. Any injured person should receive first aid immediately.
Leakage, spilling and placer Report to the authorities. Do not touch the spilled substance. Make a soil wall around the spillage, collect it carefully into a container and seal it. Do not allow the dangerous substance to get into water supplies, basements, sewerage.
In case of fire It is non-combustable.
Neutralization Following the safety requirements collect the spillage (without using water) into metal containers, seal them. Isolate the place of spillage with sand, wash it with lots of water, surround it. Do not allow the substance to get into any water supplies or springs' waters. Cut off the surface layer of contaminated soil, collect it and remove for disposal. The place of the cut must be filled with a fresh layer of soil.
First aid Call the ambulance.
Fresh air, rest, clean clothes, careful removal of the substance with a swab, generous washing of the eyes. Hospitalization! A solution of sulfacetamide 30%, tetracycline ointment must be used to treat the eyes. A bandage of sintomitsine emulsion must be applied on the skin. Inhalation of oil with ephedrine, novocaine, diphenhydramine. With the threat of pulmonary edema treat with prednisone up to 200 g, novocaine, diphenhydramine. If swallowed the stomach must be washed through a catheter.