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Corn dextrin

CAS №9004-53-9 ГОСТGOST 6034-74
Формула Сорт
Синонимы Фасовка25 kg; 40 kg


Dextrins are produced out of corn or potato starch and differ by the catalyst used in production; either acid or alum.

Dextrin is available in the follow three colur classifications: white, straw coloured or yellow.

Depending on the physical and chemical characteristics there are three standards for dextrines (for each color separately) — the highest, the first and the second standard.

Dextrin gets used in the preparation of adhesives in textile, printing, shoe-making, match industry (for example, for bonding packages, for labeling of glass containers, in adhesive tape manufacturing, in manufacture of packaging for food, as an adhesive for stamps and envelopes).

Dextrin is also used in foundries (for bonding foundry sand), in the production of glass fiber (for grinding threads immediately after their formation), light industry (to increase the density of the textile dyes), in the food industry (as carriers of active ingredients and food powders dyes).

Guaranteed shelf life

1 year from date of manufacture.

Item Norm
White Straw coloured Yellow
Premium First Second Premium First Second Premium First Second
Humidity, %, not more 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5
Mass fraction of total ash in terms of the absolute substance, % 0.22 0.35 0.22 0.35 0.22 0.35
Acidity, cm і, sodium hydroxide solution with a molar concentration of 0.1 mol/dm і per 100 g of absolutely dry dextrin, no more: 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50
Degree of dextrin’s solubility in terms of absolutely dry substance at 20 °C, %, not less 62 62 62 78 78 78 95 95 95
Amount of specks on 1 dmі of dextrin when looking without special optic equipment, no more 300 700 300 700 300 700