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Epoxy resin ED-20, bisphenol uncured

CAS № ГОСТGOST 10587-84
Формула СортGrade high
Синонимы Фасовка50 kg


Epoxy resin bisphenol (brand ED-20) is used in the electrical, electronic industry, aviation, shipbuilding, engineering, construction as part of casting and impregnating compounds, adhesives, binders for reinforced plastics.


Epoxy resin ED-20 is packed in metal drums of 50 kg.

Guaranteed shelf life

1.5 years from the date of manufacture.


Item Norm for the grade
Top Grade First Grade
Appearance Viscous clear with no visible mechanicalimpurities and traces of water
Color by iron-scale, no more than 3 8
Mass fraction of epoxy groups, % 20.0–22.5 20.0–22.5
Mass fraction of chloride ion, %, not more than 0.001 0.005
Mass fraction of saponifiable chlorine, %, not more 0.3 0.8
Mass fraction of hydroxyl groups, %, not more than 1.7
Mass fraction of volatile substances, %, not more 0.2 0.8
Viscosity, %, at 25 deg C 13–20 12–25
The gel with the hardener, h, not less 8.0 4.0