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Glue Hide

CAS № ГОСТGOST 3252-80
Формула СортGrade KM-1
Синонимы Фасовка25 kg


Hide glue is used for bonding surfaces in the wood, paper and furniture industry, bookbinding, bookbinding production printing industry. In the match industry hide glue is one component of a match head and the mixture applied to the box. Widely used in the adhesive abrasive industry, construction, metallurgy.

Safety requirements

Of hide glue is fire and explosion-proof.

It is non-toxic, easy to use, requires no curing.


Crushed and packed in polypropylene laminated bags of 25 kgs. Packed in polypropylene or polyethylene bags, weights. The Bags are stitched.

Guaranteed shelf life

1 year from date of manufacture.


Item Norm GOST Actually
The relative viscosity of the solution (concentration of 14.82% anhydrous and ash-free adhesive) in conventional degrees, not less 4.0 4.9
Putrescibility, day, not earlier 3 3
Adhesive power, N\m, at least 1580 1580
Mass fraction of fat, in terms of dry matter, %, not more 0.8 0.62
pH of the adhesive solution 5.5–7.5 6.2
Foaming adhesive solution with mechanical agitation, no more 100 40
Foaming of the solution of glue (the concentration of 14.82% anhydrous and ash-free adhesive), ml, no more 40 15
Moisture content, %, not more 17 9.5
Mass fraction of Ash content, %, not more 1.5 1.3