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Green silicon carbide

CAS №409-21-2 ГОСТGOST 26327-84
ФормулаSiC Сорт
СинонимыCarborundum Фасовка25 kg; 50 kg


Green silicon carbide is used in the manufacture of abrasive grains of compounds that may be used in either bound or free form.

As an abrasive, it is used for grinding of workpieces made of nonmetallic materials, hardened steel, non-ferrous metals, cast iron, as well as sharpening tools, including the manufacture of carbide materials.

In the free form is used in the processing of brittle materials — quartz, ceramics, optical and conventional glasses, etc

Green silicon carbide is also used in the manufacture of abrasive tools and circles of different granularity, and is used for the manufacture of refractory products.

Safety requirements

Silicon carbide does not burn, fire-and explosion-proof.


Packed in three-or four-ply paper bags of 25 kg.

Guaranteed shelf life

Shelf life of 3 years.