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CAS №149-30-4 ГОСТ
ФормулаC7H5NS2 СортChina
СинонимыAccelerator MBT (M), 2-mercaptobenzothiazole Фасовка25 kg


It is used as a rubber vulcanization accelerator, a fungicide and as a chemical intermediate.

Safety requirements

Kaptaks does not burn, fire-and explosion-proof, the degree of impact on the body is to the substance of the third class of danger.


Packed in three-or four-ply paper bags of 25 kg.

Guaranteed shelf life

Shelf life is 1 year.

Item Norm
TU Actually
Appearance Pellets light yellow or gray color Acc.
Melting temperature, °C, min 171 171
Ash content, %, not more 0.20 0.15
Water content, %, not more 0.3 0.22
Content of basic substance, %, not less 96.0 97.0
Loss on ignition (70 °C, 2 hours), %, max 0.4 0.14
The mechanical strength of granules crush, % 1.5–2.5 1.86