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Manganese sulfate

CAS №13465-25-3 ТУTU 6-47-53028-10-93
ФормулаMnSO4 СортChina
Синонимы Фасовка25 kg


Manganese sulfate (manganese sulfate) applied

  • as a component of the dyes in the textile industry,
  • as a component in the production of lead and manganese driers;
  • as part of the preparation of premixes used in animal nutrition;
  • in organic synthesis, as a catalyst, including the production of synthetic fatty acids
  • production of other salts of Mn;
  • as an electrolyte in obtaining MnO2 and Mn
  • as micronutrient fertilizers, etc.

Safety requirements

Manganese sulfate is nonflammable and explosion proof, with an impact on the body of a class 2 substance.


Packaged in a three-or four-layer bags of 30 kg.


Bags stored in covered unheated warehouses or under a canopy.

Guaranteed shelf life

3 years from date of manufacture.


Item Norm
TU Actually
Mass fraction of manganese, Mn, %, not less 30.00 31.40
Insoluble in water, %, not more 0.8 0.34
Mass fraction of manganese (Mn++), %, not more 0.02 0.018
Mass fraction of manganese, Mg, %, not less 0.05 0.05
Size, mm 0–2 1.25