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CAS №141-43-5 ТУTU 2423-065-05807977-2004
ФормулаC5H9NO СортGrade 3
СинонимыMEA, 2-aminoethanol Фасовка210 kg


The most common usage of monoethanolamine is in the oil, gas, and nitrogen industry to absorb acidic gases and sulfur impurities.

The next significant area is the production of compounds for various surfactants and detergents. Compounds of these amines and fatty acids or coconut oil can be used in many industries, from cosmetics to oil.

One of the most important applications MEA in the world is to produce ethyleneamines, key intermediates that are used in many industries. MEA is also used in the pharmaceutical, wood, and paint industries.

Safety requirements

Monoethanolamine nonflammable and explosion proof with an impact on the body is a substance in class 2.


Packed in metal drums of 270 kg.


Drums stored in covered unheated warehouses or under a canopy.

Guaranteed shelf life

1 year from date of manufacture.


Item Norm
TU Actually
Appearance Colorless or yellowish transparent liquid Acc.
Density at 20 ºC, g/cm3 1.010–1.025 1.020
Mass fraction of water, %, not more 1.0 0.5
Basic substance, %, not less 99.00 99.00
Mass fraction of diethanolamine, %, not more 1.00 0.5
Temperature crystallization, ºC, min 9 10
Colour Hazel units, not more 30 30