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PDD Urzol

CAS №106-50-3 ГОСТ
ФормулаС6Р8N2 СортImport
СинонимыPara-phenylenediamine, 4-aminoaniline, 1,4-Diaminobenzene Фасовка50 kgг; 1 kg


Urzol (chemical name PPD) is a natural organic compound which is a para-phenylene diamine isomer substance. Natural PPD is colorless crystals, the crystals quickly darken in the light or due to air oxidation. Melting point at 147 and boiling point — at 267 degrees.

Urzol and Black Urzol D is widely used in analytical chemistry, to produce an antioxidant for rubber, various organic sulfonic and azo (for fabrics, furs and hair), as well as a color developer and in black-and-white photographs and videotapes.


Packed in paper bags of 1 kg.

Guaranteed shelf life

3 years from date of manufacture.


Item Norm
The content of the basic substance, %, not less than 99.5
Metaphenylenediamine content, ppm, not more than 500
The content orthophenylenediamine, %, not more than 0.3
Aniline content, ppm, not more than 500
Melting point, ºC 138–140
Solubility in water insoluble
Solubility in alcohol, chloroform insoluble