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Phosphoric acid thermal data

CAS №7664-38-2 ГОСТGOST 10678-76
Формула СортGrade B, sort 1
Синонимы Фасовка


Phosphoric acid is a technical thermal fluid, colorless or yellow tint.

Phosphoric acid is used for the production of fertilizers, detergents.

Phosphoric acid is used in medicine, metal, textile, oil, glass and ceramic industries.

Safety requirements

Phosphoric acid, fire and explosion proof, non-flammable liquid. Contact with skin causes burns, inflammatory diseases of the skin, inhaled, cough, in case of eye burning. Hazard Class — 2.


Phosphoric acid thermal technical packaged in plastic canisters 20l/32–34 kg.

Guaranteed shelf life

One year from the date of manufacture.


 Item  Standards for grade B
First quality Second grade
Appearance Colorless or light yellow with a touch of liquid Colorless or colored liquid with a hint of yellow to brown
Mass fraction proportion of phosphoric acid (H3PO4), %, not less 73 73
Mass fraction of chlorides, %, not more  0.01 0.02
Mass fraction of sulfate, %, not more 0.015 0.020
Mass fraction of nitrate, %, not more 0.0005 0.0010
Fe content, %, not more 0.010 0.015
Heavy metals, %, not more 0.002 0.005
Arsenic, %, not more 0.006 0.008
Mass fraction of reducing agents (H3PO3), %, not more 0.2 No standard