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Red Lead

CAS №1314-41-6 ГОСТGOST 19151-73
ФормулаPb3O4 + PbO СортGrade M-5
СинонимыLead Tetraoxide Pb3O4 + lead monoxide PbO Фасовка25 kg


Red lead is a heavy fine crystalline powder obtained by thermal oxidation singlet semi-finished, made of lead.


Red Lead — pigment orange or orange-red in color, consisting of lead tetraoxide (Pb 3 O 4) and lead monoxide (PbO), which does not contain impurities.

Red lead is supplied in different grades depending on end usage:

  • M-1, M-2, M-3 — for anti-corrosion coatings;
  • M-4 — for the production of batteries and ordinary optical glass;
  • M-5 — for technical glasses, crystal and electroceramics;
  • M-6 — for general purpose optical glass, crystal and crystal glass;
  • M-7 — for diode glass, crystal and crystal glass

Red Lead grades M-1 — M-6 are available in powder form, type M-7 — in granular form.

Safety requirements

Red Lead is fire-and explosion-proof, the degree of impact on the body is a substance of Class 1 dangerous.


Red Lead is packed in wooden barrels, steel flasks, cardboard or plywood seams drums lined with laminated bag or waterproof paper, steel drums, wooden and plastic barrels, special soft disposable containers.

Guaranteed shelf life

1 year from date of manufacture.

Item Norm
M-1 M-2 M-3 M-4 M-5
First Second
Mass share of lead dioxide, %, not less 33.5 32.5 26.0–32.5 33.0 26.0–33.0 26.0–32.5
Mass fraction tetraoxide lead (Pb3O4), %, not less  96.0 93.1 74.5–93.1 95.0 74.5–95.0 74.5–93.1
Mass fraction of oxides of lead (Pb3O4 + PbO), %, not less 99.5 99.5 99.0 99.5 99.0 99.0
Fe content, %, not more 0.001


Mass fraction of substances insoluble in HNO3 + H2O2, %, not more 0.10 0.10 0.10 0.06 0.06 0.05
Mass fraction of substances that are not soluble in water, %, not more 0.25 0.25 0.25 0.05 0.25
Mass fraction of water and volatile substances, %, not more


0.20 0.30 0.05 0.30 0.05
Residue on sieve № 0063, %, not more 0.3 0.4 0.5 0.4 0.4 0.5
Oil absorption, g/100 g red lead, within 8–16 5–8 5–8
Bulk density, g/cm³, within 1.3–1.6
Sedimentation volume, cm³, not less 30 18
Absorption sulfuric acid, g H2SO4/100 g red lead 7–9
Class of danger 1
Basic properties and hazards
Basic properties Heavy fine crystalline powder of orange or orange-red colour.
Explosion and fire Fire-and explosion-proof.
The risk to humans Red Lead is toxic and may cause acute or chronic lead poisoning, accompanied by changes in the nervous system and blood. Red Lead has a cumulative effect, penetrating the body through the respiratory tract and skin.
Individual protection means Clothing, footwear, personal respiratory protection: dust mask type SB-1, F-46-A.