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Salt tablets

CAS №75-20-7 ТУGOST 13830-97, GOST R 51574-2000
ФормулаNaCl Сорт
СинонимыSodium Chloride Фасовка25 kg


Salt tablets (Sodium Chloride) are used for the regeneration of ion exchange resins, for water softening plants, for technological, industrial and household needs. The use of salt tablets (sodium chloride) has a number of advantages compared to regular table salt, as follows:

  • usage of salt tablets (sodium chloride) in water treatment processes is about 30% lower than the conventional salts;
  • due to the "melting effect" salt tablets (sodium chloride) does not form insoluble precipitates that can lead to equipment failure;
  • salt tablets (sodium chloride) in water of the same hardness dissolves uniformly to a saturation recovery solution that allows you to get rid of the additional mixing operations.

Physico-chemical properties of salt tablets (salt tablets)

Pelletized salt is compressed into tablets or pads without added iodine. Salt tablets are white and odorless.

Safety requirements

Salt tablets (sodium chloride) is fire-and explosion-proof and non-toxic.


Salt tablets (salt tablets) packed in plastic bags of 25 kg.