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Sodium hypochlorite

CAS №7681-52-9 ТУTU 6-01-29-93
ФормулаNa(OCl)2 СортGrade A
Синонимы Фасовка65 kg


Sodium hypochlorite (sodium hypochlorite) is used for disinfection of water in the public water supply, treatment of domestic and industrial waste water, for disinfection of containers and equipment in the meat and dairy industry, for bleaching and in disinfectants.


Because it is an extremely strong oxidizing agent, sodium hypochlorite is packaged in special fiberglass and plastic jerry cans, as well as in steel drums lined with a corrosion preventive. Exposure to high temperatures or direct sunlight are harmful to the chemical. It is for this reason, storage and transport of sodium hypochlorite requires opaque, airtight containers, drums or cans made from polyethylene or metal with an additional anti-corrosion protective coating.

Guaranteed shelf life

It is allowed that the loss of active chlorine for 10 days from the date of shipment does not exceed 30%.


Item Norm
Appearance Liquid from greenish-yellow color at the time of production to reddish brown after 10 days.
The mass concentration of active chlorine g/dm³, at least 120
The mass concentration of alkali in terms of NaOH, g/dm³ 40