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Sodium tripolyphosphate

CAS №7758-29-4 ГОСТGOST 13493-86
ФормулаNa5P3O10 Сорт
Синонимы Фасовка43,5 kg


Powdered sodium tripolyphosphate is a product of the thermal processing of phosphoric acid.


Sodium tripolyphosphate is used for the preparation of detergents, water treatment, used to power the boilers in the meat and dairy industry, retail, and for other purposes.

Sodium tripolyphosphate is produced for food processing and industrial use.

Safety requirements

Sodium tripolyphosphate, fire-and explosion-proof, non-toxic.


Sodium tripolyphosphate is packaged in four-, five-, six-layer sacks, bags of polyethylene or polypropylene, as well as soft special disposable containers.

Guaranteed shelf life

Shelf life is unlimited.

Item Norm
Alimentary Technical
Premium First
Appearance Deteriorating white powder
Mass fraction of total phosphorus pentoxide (P2O5), %, not less 57.0 57.0 56.5
Mass fraction of sodium tripolyphosphate (Na5P3O10), %, not less 94 94 92
The mass fraction of the first form of sodium tripolyphosphate, %, not more 10 10 10
Fe content, %, not more 0.01 0.01 0.02
Insoluble in water, %, not more 0.10 0.10 0.13
pH of a 1% aqueous solution 9.7±0.3 9.7±0.3 9.7±0.3
Heavy metals precipitated by hydrogen sulfide (Pb), % max 0.002
Arsenic (As), %, max 0.004
Particle size: passes through a sieve to GOST 6613–86 with the size of the cell sides in light of 0.25 mm, %, not less



Whiteness, %, not less* 80 80 80
Friability, %, not less* 30 30 30

* Performance of «whiteness» and «free-flowing» is not normalized, the definition required for a set of statistics.

Class of danger
Basic properties and hazards
Basic properties White powder product.
Explosion and fire Fire-and explosion-proof.
The risk to humans Inhalation of dust may cause irritation to mucous membranes and respiratory tract.
Individual protection means Protective clothing, filter respirator, goggles.