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Sulfamic acid technical

CAS №5329-14-6 ТУTU 2121-278-00204197-01
ФормулаNH2SO3H Сорт
Синонимыamidosulfonic acid Фасовка40 kg


Sulfamic acid technical (amidosulfonic acid) is used for flushing the internal surfaces of heating equipment for CHP; cleaning of ship systems and heat exchangers from scale and rust on ships, to decompose excess nitrous acid in diazotization; recovery and increasing the productivity of oil wells, for sanitizing equipment on the dairy industry as a component in the manufacture of detergents and in other sectors of the economy.

Safety requirements

Sulfamic acid — slow-burning substance, the degree of impact on the body is a substance third risk class.


Sulfamic acid is packed in cardboard drums seams capacity from 50 to 100 dm і with plastic bag inside, special soft disposable containers, double plastic bags. Bag net weight — 45 kg.

By agreement with the consumer another type of packaging that ensures the safety of the product.

Guaranteed shelf life

6 months from date of manufacture.

Product storage compressed.


Item Norm
Appearance Crystalline white to light gray
Mass share of sulfamic acid, %, not less 86
Mass fraction of the sulfate ion (SO42-), %, not more 6.0