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Technical trichlorethylene

CAS №79-01-6 ГОСТGOST 9976-94
ФормулаC6H4(COOC8H17)2 СортSort 1
Синонимы Фасовка300 kg


For the production of monochloroacetic acid, caprolactam (Azepan-2-one) extraction, resins for degreasing metal products, for dry cleaning of fabrics.


Trichloroethylene is packed in metal drums of 200 liters.

Guaranteed shelf life

1 year from date of manufacture.

Item  Norm
Top Grade First Grade
Density at 20 ºC, g/cm³ 1.462–1.466 1.463–1.465
Chromaticity, Hazen units, not more than 25 15
Mass fraction of trichlorethylene, %, not less than 98.5 99.9
Mass fraction vinylidene dichloride, %, not more than No level specified 0.01
Water content, %, max 0.02 0.01
Mass fraction of non-volatile residue, %, not more than 0.003 0.002
The pH of the aqueous extract 9–11 9–10
Mass fraction of chloride ion, %, no more than 0.0003 0.0001