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Trisodium phosphate

CAS №10101-89-0 ГОСТGOST 201-76
ФормулаNa3PO4•H2O СортChina
СинонимыTrisubstituted sodium phosphate Фасовка25 kg


Trisodium phosphate (trisubstituted phosphate sodium) is used in the power industry, the pulp and paper industry, food industry, the production of synthetic detergents, as surfactants in cement and drilling, in drilling fluids, in complex polymer additives to low-grade clays and powders; and for technical purposes (cleaning of process equipment, degreasing surfaces, etc.) in many industries.

Safety requirements

Trisodium phosphate is fire-and explosion-proof, it has alkaline properties, the degree of impact on the body of the substances 2-hazard class.


Trisodium phosphate packaged in four-, five-layer paper bags, plastic bags, paper bags with an inner layer, duplicate rubber-blend.

Guaranteed shelf life

1 year from date of manufacture.

Item Norm
Appearance Flakes or crystals that can cake
Mass fraction of total P2O5, %, not less 18.5
pH of 1% aqueous solution 11.5–12.5
Insoluble in water, %, not more 0.03
Class of danger 4
Basic properties and hazards
Basic properties Flakes or crystals that can be compressed. The product has alkaline properties.
Explosion and fire Trisodium phosphate is fire-and explosion-proof.
The risk to humans Dust causes irritation of the eyes and upper respiratory tract, as well as changes in the skin such as dermatitis and eczema.
Individual protection means Cotton or woolen suit, boots, gloves, respirator type SB-1 "petal", goggles.