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Zinc white

CAS №1314-13-2 ГОСТGOST 202-84
ФормулаZnO Сорт
СинонимыZinc oxide Фасовка20 kg; 25 kg


Zinc white — a synthetic inorganic pigment of white colour which is zinc oxide obtained from the metal zinc.


Depending on the purpose, zinc oxide is usually produced branded as БЦ0. Zinc white received wrapped can be marked as БЦ0 М and БЦ1:

  • The product marked as БЦ0 М is used in the rubber and tires production industries, paint, artificial leather and rubber sole, electrical cable, dental cements, abrasive products for dentistry;
  • The product marked as БЦ1 is used to make paints, asbestos, artificial leather and rubber sole.

Safety requirements

Zinc white is fire and explosion-proof. It is a substance of the 4th level of danger for the human body.


Zinc white is packed in paper and plastic bags, steel, cardboard, veneer and plywood drums with a polyethylene insert, wood barrels, wood with a polyethylene insert and plastic barrels, paper bags, plastic bags as well as in special soft disposable containers.

Transportation, storage

Zinc white is transported by all means of transport in covered vehicles. It is allowed to transport the product packaged in special soft containers in open vehicles.

Zinc white gets stored in closed warehouses at ambient temperature from -40 °C to +40 °C. It is allowed to keep the product packaged in special soft containers outdoors.

The packing materials should be stacked no higher than 3 m on lining or wooden pallets.

Shelf life

1 year from a manufacturing date.


Item Norm
Mass fraction of Zn compounds in terms of ZnO, %, not less than 99.7 99.5
Mass fraction of Pb compounds in terms of PbO, %, not more than 0.010 0.010
Mass fraction of zinc metal, %, not more than None
Mass fraction of substances insoluble in hydrochloric acid, %, not more than 0.006 0.015
Mass fraction of water-soluble substances, %, not more than 0.06 0.15
Weight loss on ignition, %, not more than 0.2 0.3
Residue on sieve
with a grid number 0056, %, not more than
with a grid number 014, %, not more than


Hiding power, g/m³, not more than 140 130
Whiteness, conventional units, not less than 97 95
Class of danger 4
Basic properties and hazards
Basic properties Fine powder of white colour.
Explosion and fire Fire and explosion-proof.
The risk to humans If zinc oxide gets in the human body it might cause respiratory and digestive systems disease.
Individual protection means Special clothing, shoes and hand protection, a mask against dust type SB-1 "Petal-200" and goggles.